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Piano Tuning – What Is It And Why Should I Have It Done?

Piano tuning is the act of making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings of an acoustic piano to properly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is in tune.  Most piano manufacturers advise that pianos be tuned twice a year.

The reason to keep a well tuned piano is that when you are ready for it, it is ready for you. A well tuned instrument will bring you more pleasure and will be played more often. John Fitzgerald is a master fine tuner.

Piano Repair and Service – Voicing & Regulation

Fitzgerald Piano Service is capable of repairing most problems in-home within an hour.

Full Piano Rebuilds & Restoration

Fitzgerald Piano Service is professionally experienced in fully restoring heirloom quality grand and upright pianos.

Pianos have a limited lifetime, usually measured in decades. However, different parts have different lifetimes: for example, on a heavily used but well-cared-for instrument (e.g. in a concert hall), the hammers might last less than five years while the soundboard might last fifty years and more. Regular replacement of worn parts can therefore extend a piano’s lifetime by decades – even indefinitely, provided that the piano’s structural support (i.e. the frame) remains sound (and sometimes the frame can also be repaired).

In very used pianos, the frame and some parts of the action may remain in good condition, and professional piano rebuilders are able to restore or rebuild an instrument by replacing many components. These include the strings, pinblock, bridges, soundboard and ribs, hammers, and action. “Restoration” implies more replacement work than mere “repair” or “maintenance,” and “rebuilding” implies yet more intensive work than restoration.

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